(098) VENTA PROTESIX "An Italian girl in the world of Japanese Pornography"

"Sometimes the most private feelings and habits can emerge from someone's depths and explode in public as lifechanging decisions: that applies for sure to things such as porn or noise music.
The virtual encounter between Venta Protesix and Victoria Yuki is possibly a meaningful epiphany for the work of both.
Two sides of a screen, the masturbator and the pornstar; two complementary lives narrating of the same devotion and deviation, from different point of views.
Almost 1 hour of new material coming out of Italo Belladonna's laptop, filled with japanese porn jpegs, delivering a fresh HNW version  of his previously released stuff. Comes with a special dedication from Victoria Yuki."

pro-CDR, 40 copies.

price: 10 $ (included postage)


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