(057) Abyzm / Light Collapse - split (U.S.A. / Russia)

ANW/HNW. pro-CD-R, 21 copies
price: 11 $ (registered airmail shipping included)

(056) RAVEN - 4 x pro-CD-R box-set (Serbia)

Serbian aharcho-vegan harsh noise. Fresh and young, of their justifiable. Design: DVD-box, pro-CD-R, 4 inserts. Artwork by ural artist Sergei Beseda + raven feathers. Limited to 50 copies.

price: 30 $ (included postage) 


(055) Light Collapse & Hogra (Russia / U.S.A.)

Russian analogue hypnotic HNW (dedication Edvard Munch) and original american power electronics. Design: graphic pictures from the archives of Light Collapse, envelope A5, pro-CD-R, attached insert.

price: 11 $ (registered airmail shipping included)