(067) Disgorged Faeces + Arseny Litvin "Базарный день" - collaboration (Russia)

Field recordings + noise wall.
Juicy monolithic record. But, at the same time intense activity and bustle of bazaar day.
Pro-CDR, 20 copies

price: 12 $ (registered airmail shipping included)

(066) Rose sobchak & Obozdur - split (Russia)

dedication persistently active pensioner.
ROSE SOBCHAK - harsh noise gossip with vague content.
OBOZDUR - digital noise with fluctuations in the mood of the house manager.
MC, 12 handnumbered copies

price: 12 $ (registered airmail shipping included)

(063) HEAVY METAL VOMIT PARTY / LIGHT COLLAPSE "A Crazy World With The Scorpions Playing Every State Fair / Stellar winds in my closet" - split (U.S.A. / Russia)

A conceptual HNW album. Research topic: the creative legacy of the brightest representatives of the heavy metal bands through the prism of noise.
LIGHT COLLAPSE - nostalgia
Pro-CDR, 20 handnumbered copies.

price: 12 $ (registered airmail shipping included)

(062) LOGICAL FIEND & SHE DESTROYS HOPE - split (France/Germany)

HNW. French-German bad trip into the dark depths of the sea. Cold and indifferent.
pro-СDR. 20 handnumbered copies.

price: 12 $ (registered airmail shipping included)

(060) Xtematic & Gamma function - split (Croatia / Poland)

Xtematic - acid harsh noise.
Gamma function - monolithic harsh noise.
Split album on environmental disasters. Young and many perspective projects.
Interesting, textured sound.
Design: pro-CDR, 26 copies, envelope with the application of oil monotype on the water. Each copy is unique.

price: 12 $ (registered airmail shipping included)

(059) Light Collapse + Blue Spectrum & The End Of Empire - collaboration / split (Russia / U.K.)

HNW / minimalistic experimental sound
Light Collapse + Blue Spectrum - original composition created on the basis of feedback effect.
The End Of Empire - abstract portrait of a man by the name of Claussen.
CD-R, 22 copies

price: 11 $ (registered airmail shipping included)

(061) Brain Barricade & Light Collapse - split (Russia)

Brain Barricade - hypnotic and loop-like noise. Peripherals abandoned factories barbed wire. Beauty lack.
Light Collapse - pure primitive energy blasting out husk. Extremes and loss of control.
Drink vodka, insert ear plugs in his ears and get out into a ditch.
2 x Pro-CDR, 21 copies
To release attached: 2 inserts, labels of vodka and earplugs.


price: 18 $ (registered airmail shipping included)


(058) СТРУП "Диск музыки. Альбом для рисования" (Russia)

One of the strongest and most depressed album project. Digested in an existential manner hatred of the consumer society. A woman and a man. Shrines and cesspools. A radical rethinking of reality in sound and poetry.
Pro-CDR, 50 copies

industrial poetry / power electronics

price: 11 $ (registered airmail shipping included)

(065) Sirotek / Light Collapse - split (Russia)

Sirotek - sound illustration of the tragedy of Sophocles with a rich storyline.
Light Collapse - The roar of power and rainy interiors Valhalla.
Cassete-60. Only 9 numbered copies.

harsh noise / ambient noise wall


(057) Abyzm / Light Collapse - split (U.S.A. / Russia)

ANW/HNW. pro-CD-R, 21 copies
price: 11 $ (registered airmail shipping included)

(056) RAVEN - 4 x pro-CD-R box-set (Serbia)

Serbian aharcho-vegan harsh noise. Fresh and young, of their justifiable. Design: DVD-box, pro-CD-R, 4 inserts. Artwork by ural artist Sergei Beseda + raven feathers. Limited to 50 copies.

price: 30 $ (included postage) 


(055) Light Collapse & Hogra (Russia / U.S.A.)

Russian analogue hypnotic HNW (dedication Edvard Munch) and original american power electronics. Design: graphic pictures from the archives of Light Collapse, envelope A5, pro-CD-R, attached insert.

price: 11 $ (registered airmail shipping included)

(054) Light Collapse & Vomir "Holy Sect" (Russia / France)

HNW, CD-R, 16 copies, hand made, each copy is unique.
continuation of the series begun in split with the American project RedSK.
Here, two new walls were built for the house of the absurd.


(053) 16P17R15O19T15O19T23Y16P & OBOZDUR "Dream of Ekoist"

field recordings, cold drone ambient, CD-R, 15 copies

archival tape recording (projects: RT2, U238, 16P17R15O19T15O19T23Y16P, ELECTRIC MIDWIFE AND RADIO INFERNO, OBOZDUR) with 93 to 98 year. All the compositions were used record cod radiation from the plant for processing and storage of radioactive waste, RT-2, Krasnoyarsk.
One of the songs recorded with the project TCHORT.
For each copy of a special insert, old piece of film with Soviet propaganda.


(038) GORDUW "Numblab / Electron"

45 & 70 min. Folvork dark electronic with elements ambient, noise, beat…
2-CD-R, hand-made carton pack, 28 copies
The album`s was recorded by Dr. Feitnathoroth during 2007 in prison (where he was serving a sentence).

price: 11 $