(085) GORDUW "Vtoraya Chastt Istorii Feitnathorotha. Zemla. Tayga. Hvoyniy Thron Taygi" (1996)

Black Ambient / Folvork Dark Ambient.
This reissue of one of the albums of the legends of the Siberian underground. Digitizing the material was made from the original master tapes. Siberian brother Beherit unfolds before the listener picture virgin forests of the Siberian taiga. Sound austere, but confident. Sometimes there are reminiscences with Mortiis. This album - the story of arrival Folvorks on Earth. Folvorks - a special form of creatures. Folvorks also live among the people, but differ from them. Here tells the story of another alternate reality. It would seem that the material was irretrievably lost, but this album is like a magic stone that chthonic realm pushes into the sunlight, came to us from the past.
This reissue used elements of the original design.
2 x pro-CDR, only 20 copies. Glossy envelope with two foto-inserts.
The physical release contains unnamed bonus track.

price: 23$ (included postage) 


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