(064) Obozdur & B165U4ARA & Pastuhamovci - split (Russia)

Split album of three Russian noise projects.
Obozdur - collage exhausted marathon through the prism of insanity , on the basis of an overabundance of external and internal information. Long pieces collected sounds of different nature and origin subjects. Analog digital pie flavored spices.
B165U4ARA - Morning jogging in the cool morning on a sand track in a secret training camp. Final point - a bomb shelter . Start something serious. Waking military machine , grinding their capacities. Overloaded airwaves in chorus loops and vibrations . Zombie with an ax and nothing good . Harsh noise
Pastuhamovci - triptych with different textures , balancing between harsh noise and HNW. Quiet contemplation of silence.
pro-CDR, 20 handnumbered copies.

price: 12$ ( including postage)

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